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Office: 906-789-6311 – In Person Questions
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FAQ’s- In Person Classes


  1. How long is the training course?
  2. The Class A CDL Program is four weeks long. The classes run Monday through Friday 8:00 am to 4:30 pm eastern time zone.


  1. Is this certification good in all states or just Michigan?
  2. A CDL License is good in all states not just Michigan even if you are from out of state taking the class here.


  1. How much does the school cost?
  2. The training program tuition is $4990.


  1. Where do we stay for the duration of the month?
  2. Midwest Truck Driving School has their own offsite lodging facilities that students stay at for a monthly rate of $990 or students can stay at a few local hotels that vary in price.


  1. Do you provide transportation to and from the school?
  2. Transportation is not provided to and from the school. We do however help students carpool with other students to make things easier.


  1. Are meals provided to us?
  2. Lunch is provided on the first day of class. After that student can bring their own lunch. Our community has many local restaurants and national fast-food chains that students use often.


  1. Do we get paid to go to school?
  2. Some students that are sponsored through their work get paid because their job is requiring it but other that that no.


  1. Do you accept Veteran Benefits?
  2. Midwest Truck Driving School is proud to accept all VA Benefits to help new and old Veterans transition from one Career to the next.


FAQ’s – For Online Classes


  1. How long do the classes take?
  2. The class will take about an hour and a half to complete.


  1. Is the ELDT Training good in my State?
  2. We work with all 49 states other than WA.


  1. What if I don’t pass?
  2. If you don’t pass you are able to go through the training material again and test again at no charge. 


  1. How long do I have to access the training?
  2. You have access to the online classes for as long as you need.


  1. Do I get a certificate once I complete the class?
  2. Yes! You will receive a certificate within 24 hours after completing the course.


  1. How long does it take before I can go to my Licensing Bureau to take my HazMat Test?
  2. We typically tell students to wait 24 hours to make sure the Licensing Bureau receive all your information.


  1. Is Midwest Truck Driving School a registered school on the FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry?
  2. Yes! Midwest Truck Driving School has been an approved trainer for over 24 years and is on the TPR.


  1. What is ELDT (Entry Level Driver Training)?
  2.  Here is great video that explains  what ELDT is from the FMCSA – FMCSA- Who has to take ELDT


  1. What if I already have my CDL, do I still need ELDT Training for my Hazardous Materials Endorsement? 
  2.  Yes, even through you have a CDL you still have to take an ELDT class – Here is a quick link to get started-HazMat Online ELDT Training Course


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