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CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Mastery Course – $49

Online CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Mastery Course – $49

Hazmat Training cdl

  • Online CDL Pre-Trip Inspection Training for all classes including, Class A, Class B, Class C and Passenger and School Bus With all the downloadable PDF Pre-Trips!
  • Training Approved in ALL 50 STATES
  • Printable PDF certificate
  • Training works on all devices, mobile-friendly!
  • NO more waiting in classrooms! 24/7 online class! Take at your convenience
  • No time limit, take as long as you need to finish the course 
  • Over 25 years of training experience
  • Get Started Today!  5 STAR GOOGLE REVIEWS!
  • Want more information?!  Give us a call at 906-212-5311 or send us an Email here

For more than 25 years, Midwest Truck Driving School has been a trusted name in CDL training. We’ve dedicated ourselves to delivering top-notch instruction for all types of CDL certifications.

Now, we’re excited to introduce our online classes, which are designed to meet your Class A, Class B, Class C, and Passenger or School Bus Pre Trip Inspection needs. With our online courses, we provide you with the knowledge and skills necessary to pass your CDL exams.

At Midwest Truck Driving School, we’re committed to ensuring your success in the CDL world. With our wealth of experience and the convenience of online learning, we’re the ideal choice for your CDL training needs. Join us today to kickstart your journey toward a promising career in truck driving!

We have every CDL pre trip that you may need in our online CDL Pre Trip course.  Once you have paid for the program you will start the online class and have access to all our video pre-trips and our downloadable PDF Pre-Trips to help you study and pass the pre-trip the first time!

Applicants, please fill out the form below to start our CDL Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection Mastery Course online.  If you are looking to get any type of CDL this is the course you need. This training meets US DOT, TSA, PHMSA, and FMCSA curriculum standards for CDL Vehicle Pre-Trip Inspection , and is listed on the FMCSA’s Training Provider Registry (TPR).  Training takes about an hour and half to complete with automatic reporting to your State’s DMV (aka MVD, BMV, SOS, DDS, DSD, MVA).

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Midwest Truck Driving School
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Very skilled instructors, school works with you on any skill level and will guide you through everything.
The school was very helpful with teaching things that I didn't know, all the instructors are very friendly and funny.
I’m here for the CDL B class and it’s great the instructor Paul (aka Frenchy) is great and very to the point. Highly recommended
Great school to get your CDL. Frenchy took his time to make sure to answer any questions and took his time teaching what is needed for the pre trip and road test.
Frenchy is an excellent instructor. Very knowledgeable about the trucks and maneuvers. I would recommend this school to anyone that is interested in becoming a commercial driver. The way they care about how you are learning and if you need help they will go out of the way to help in what ever way they possibly can. 5 stars is not enough to leave a review for these guys!
Totally recommended!!! Serious people running the business like professionals. I needed to find a place to do the ELDT Hazardous Materials Training. Amazing training, finished around 2am. When I got to the FL DMV that same day they already had the certificate. Thank you so much for helping me to get my HAZMAT endorsement easy and fast! Scored 100% at the DMV!!
I’m 55 and going back to school for anything was a nightmare.How ever from entering the front doors the office/ Kat…made things I didn’t know how to do much easier then I thought.All of the Instructors had answers to every question I had. I’ve always been a hands on person so taking tests on paper was a huge down fall for me. With all the information and knowledge they have here I past my tests with ease!I still have one more test to take but I’m certain with these instructors behind me I’ll do great!Thank you Midwest truck!
Very good school very in depth information
Great staff ,very helpful, and will help anyone that's struggling on any portion of the course.
Y’all go to this school and I promise you will not be disappointed. The instructors are above and beyond, the atmosphere is very friendly and welcoming. Josh is goated in the ways of teaching.
Having a great time at this school, Dave is a great instructor!
Good course great instructors and easy environment to get the things down that the state tester wants to hear and see during the test.
My experience here at this school was amazing. My instructor Frenchy did such a great job at breaking down the pre trip and teaching me a trick to remember everything that I am supposed to check. He also showed me some really beautiful scenic views while we were out on our drives. I will be recommending this school to anyone that is wanting or thinking about getting their CDL.
Great place to go get your CDL. It honestly didn't feel like a school at all, we all had so much fun and learned everything you need to know to hit the road. I doubt there's a better place out there that even compares to this place. All of the staff was great and very helpful. Kevin was my instructor and was awesome! Thanks Midwest truck driving school! Excited to come back and go through the line school next. Big shout out as well to Josh for taking us climbing and all of the help along the way!
Good time with some great people. 10/10 recommend.
Great place! My instructor Frenchy was awesome! Very informative and knowledgeable!
Midwest truck driving school has given me the tools to pass my CDL B with ease. Frenchy made the experience fun and easy.
Frenchy is my instructor very knowledgeable and very helpful with my CDL experience. Also, an amazing school very helpful people very knowledgeable as well. A very enjoyable school!
Frenchy is an awesome instructor! Awesome atmosphere!! Definitely would recommend!
Small class good teachers fun worth the money
Midwest truck driving school is amazing.. from the secretary’s to the instructors especially Frenchy everyone is very knowledgeable and friendly!!
Frenchy is the best instructor in the Escanaba area, well recommended
Awesome staff, and such a great experience! I have learned so much already and feel so much more confident about driving.
Great place to obtain your CDL! Extremely knowledgeable staff! Thank you Midwest truck driving school!
Enrolled here in pursuit of a career change and I’m beyond impressed. All of the instructors and staff are wonderful and do whatever they can to help you succeed. They leave no stones unturned and do their best to set you up for success.If you’re serious about getting a CDL - your search should end here. Midwest is the best!
Very nice facility, staff is excellent, they will do what is needed to ensure you are comfortable and safe as you get your cdl.
Great school and instructors, highly recommend
Great school and great instructors to make you feel confident
The instructors and staff are very helpful
Instructors were very thorough in teaching everything I needed to know. They were very helpful in pointing out when I did something that wasn't correct.
School is awesome! Very helpful for those who have never driven a manual. They really teach you how to drive truck and everything you need to know to pass your state tests.
Great instructors, learned a lot
Second day of school has been great so far Josh is an excellent teacher and Kat has been very helpful with paperwork
Highly recommend Dennis as an instructor. He was very knowledgeable, patient, and dedicated to helping me succeed as a student. His teaching style was engaging, and he took the time to ensure I understood the material. I've learned so much from him about the industry. If you go to this school, make sure to demand Dennis as an instructor. 5 stars and highly recommended!
One of the best truck driving schools in the nation
Great school and Excellent teacher's they really help you out!!
Response from the owner: Thank you! We're passionate about what we do. 🙂 Let us know if we can ever assist you in your CDL journey in the future!
Midwest Trucking Company is amazing...an everyone is super friendly... Makes you feel like your family or long time friends... The instructors are all willing to help you understand what they teaching inside the classroom an also when your out learning to drive the equipment your in.... All around great people... An I'm the 3 generation to go throw Mid West trucking... My grandpa got his class a license, my father got his class a here an now I am working towards getting my class a licenses...
Response from the owner: Thank you, Shawn! We're happy you're here!
Heard is was an awesome place to learn and my little brother is having a great time taking part in the program.
Great instructors if you put in the effort they will put in the effort!
Midwest trucking is a great place to start!. From instructor to the student(s) teamwork is A+.Highly recommend.
Best trucking school I've ever attended.
Good school, very thorough in the classroom, in the yard, and on the road. Dave was my instructor, he’s helpful and gives you lots of tips throughout the course.
Great instructors with alot of knowledge in the industry.
Frenchy is a great instructor and made it a great experience !!!
Frenchy is awesome, and is a great mentor, and is always looking out for us. Awesome experience and awesome people to work with, and try everything they can to help you succeed!
Frenchy was my instructor and helped me out tremendously. 100% would recommend Midwest truck driving!
Frenchie is a very good instructor. Have had an excellent experience
Great people exclent instructors. Kevin is awesome. Very informative and professional. Everything you need to obtain your CDL
Response from the owner: Thank you, Kurt! It's been a pleasure! 🙂
Great place!! Learned alot. 5 star all day!
Response from the owner: Thanks Mitchell! We'd give you 5 stars too, for being a stellar student!
Great instructors and great environment! All around cool peeps.
Response from the owner: Zack is too cool for school! Awesome job completing your CDL course! Let us know if you ever need any endorsements or anything!
Great place to learn how to drive truck
If you’re looking to take the jump and obtain a CDL I would highly recommend you consider attend Midwest truck driving school, from the in class work to learning how to drive and maneuver a truck and trail all the instructors are very knowledgeable and will answer any questions you have 10/10 would recommend this course for anyone looking to get a class A CDL!
If you are looking for a good school ...
you just found it.... MidwestTruckDrivingSchool
is the place to go.
They'll get you on the road to success!!
Good instructors, good training
Great people! Very knowledgeable and helpful! highly recommended.
I think it’s a very well established company and they are extremely up to date with what it takes to teach truck driving. I highly recommend if your looking to get into truck driving
Mid west truck driving school taught me a lot while getting my cdl. If you have the chance to pick your instructor. Pick Bob. Good ole uncle Bob is the man.
I think this is a very good class and well established.
Great school with very outgoing staff. Everyone at this school is super helpful and willing to help with anything. Will walk you through anything you need help with. They will not leave anyone behind if they are struggling and others are ready to move forward
Great classes I strongly recommend this if your going for CDL very informative and learned a lot thanks to everyone there for all the help 😁
Everyone is awesome, instructors know what they’re talking about and are very informational. Everyone here makes you feel really welcome, nothing but good things to say about this place, I would definitely recommend and come back if I needed to.
Amazing school!!!! The instructors and staff are all awesome people and so helpful! They make sure you leave with your CDL feeling confident and safe. I really enjoyed how they share their own experiences as drivers and all work together to make sure you succeed. I could not have found a better place for my training. They make it fun and enjoyable! Highly recommend choosing Midwest Trucking School! They truly are The Best!!!

Thank you again to all the staff and instructors, miss you guys already!
This an amazing class, I took the class a cdl course threw Midwest truck driving school and I could not be happier. The training is all hands on and your able to better your self quickly as every instructor is right there willing to help you every step of the way. 10/10 This is hands down a amazing educational center, super happy I was able to be a part of it for the short month. Again huge thanks to all the staff.
Very good school would recommend to anyone who would like to get their CDL
Great school very helpful and the people instructing the class are very helpful
Great instructors, good equipment and an awesome time learning to drive a truck in the U.P.
Pretty great school.

I had a great group of co-drivers, even Chase, and we all worked hard to get the most out of the time with our very knowledgeable instructors.

I finished class with a Class A license, doubles, tanker and hazmat endorsements.

I got a good job immediately after applying and test driving with an excavating company down here under the bridge.

Truck 1019 FTW.
Class B 40 hour course and instructors were great. Very informative. Very helpful and willing to work with you.
They are very good at explaining what you need to do to become a truck driver! All the instructors are great and all willing to help you out. I highly recommend them and will tell everyone about them that is looking to go to truck driving school I sure had a great time!
I enjoyed my time spent here! I loved the environment of the group and instructors!! Mac did a great job teaching me the things I needed to know. To the future students enjoy your time here! There all awesome and do a great job teaching you. Make sure to study 🙂
great school lots of great information and gets you prepared for not only the test and for what you might be running into within the trade
Liked the class vary nice people that work here and very helpful
Extremely amazing class, great instructors helping you down to the most tiny problems and helping you correct them, great class, lots of in depth reviewing for items that will encounter you on the road, happier then ever to come to this class!
Best possible experience I could have had everyone was amazing and very knowledgeable thank you for everything!


Have a question about our online CDL Pre-Trip Vehicle Inspection Mastery Course Training? See below of what others have asked on our FAQ Page. 

The Online Pre-Trip Inspection course will takes students on average about and hour and a half to go through. Keep in mind this class can be gone through as many times as needed until students for comfortable and confident with there pre-trip inspection. 

The Pre-Trip Inspection class is a variety of videos from our actual instructors doing actual pre-trips on actual trucks not just a book. There is also the PDF that that follows along with the pre-trips and videos. 

This Online Pre-Trip Inspection Class has all the different CDL classes. 

This Class Encompases the Class A Pre-Trip, the Class B Pre-Trip, the Class C Pre- Trip and the Passenger and School Bus Pre-Trips all accompanied by the written PDF Verbales. 

Midwest Truck Driving School has over 25 years of experience in CDL training. With our courses we are beyond confident that you will succeed and pass your pre-trip. 

The Significance of Studying the Pre-Trip Inspection for the CDL Exam

Obtaining a Commercial Driver’s License (CDL) is a significant milestone for individuals aspiring to enter the world of professional trucking. One crucial aspect of the CDL examination process that often receives less attention than it deserves is the Pre-Trip Inspection. This examination segment holds immense importance, as it not only contributes to the overall success of the CDL test but also plays a pivotal role in ensuring road safety and vehicle maintenance in the long run. In this article, we will delve into the reasons why studying the Pre-Trip Inspection for the CDL exam is so vital.

  1. Regulatory Compliance

The Pre-Trip Inspection is more than just a test; it is a demonstration of one’s ability to adhere to federal and state regulations governing commercial vehicles. Mastering this inspection ensures that you are aware of the legal requirements for the safe operation of commercial vehicles. Failing to comply with these regulations not only jeopardizes your CDL but can also result in penalties for the employer and a potential risk to public safety.

  1. Vehicle Safety

The Pre-Trip Inspection is a structured process to identify and report potential vehicle defects or issues. By studying and mastering this inspection, you become a critical part of ensuring that the truck you operate is in optimal working condition. This helps prevent accidents, breakdowns, and costly repairs, not to mention the safety of everyone on the road.

  1. Job Readiness

Employers value CDL holders who are proficient in the Pre-Trip Inspection. Demonstrating your knowledge in this area during the hiring process can make you a more attractive candidate. Employers seek drivers who are diligent in maintaining their vehicles, as it minimizes downtime and enhances the company’s reputation.

  1. Confidence on the Road

When you’re well-versed in the Pre-Trip Inspection, you approach your driving responsibilities with a higher level of confidence. Knowing that your vehicle is thoroughly checked and maintained gives you peace of mind as you navigate highways and handle various transportation tasks.

  1. Personal Responsibility

The Pre-Trip Inspection instills a sense of responsibility in CDL holders. By recognizing and addressing issues before they become significant problems, you take ownership of your role in maintaining road safety. This sense of responsibility extends beyond the CDL exam and becomes an integral part of your professional conduct.

  1. Cost Savings

Preventive maintenance, as initiated through the Pre-Trip Inspection, can save you and your employer substantial costs in the long run. Early detection of mechanical issues means that minor repairs can be made before they escalate into costly breakdowns. Moreover, it helps to maintain your truck’s value and longevity.

In conclusion, the Pre-Trip Inspection is not just a mandatory hurdle to clear for obtaining a CDL. It is a fundamental aspect of safe and responsible commercial driving. Studying and mastering this inspection is a gateway to regulatory compliance, vehicle safety, job readiness, enhanced confidence, personal responsibility, and long-term cost savings. Investing the time and effort to understand and excel in the Pre-Trip Inspection is an investment in your future as a skilled and responsible CDL holder.

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